About us

Our story

Based in Winchester Hills Johannesburg and in operation since September 2002, Xena's Tours and Transfers offer executive chauffeur services, shuttle services and coach services to individuals as well as groups. We transfer from door to door in luxury and semi luxury comfort. We also engage in specialised services offered to the Corporate, Private and Public Sectors.

Imagine being picked up at your office, home or business, have your bags carried and loaded for you, flipping open your laptop and making all the important phone calls while being chauffer driven or shuttled in a climate controlled environment to your next appointment, meeting or flight?

In today's hectic times people on the move cannot afford to be spending precious hours upon hours in their vehicles caught up in traffic and being unproductive at the same time.

  • Need to be at meeting on time or do need to catch a flight across town hassle free?
  • Does your business require a few individuals or a group to go anywhere safely?
  • Are you going on a Team Building, Site Visit, Attending Training, Going out of Town?
  • Do you have any unique Travel or Courier requirements as a business or group?

What we achieve

We supply Logistical Solutions for Corporate, Government, Sporting and Social Clients. We are considered to be the go to people for an exceptional family like service experience.

We have developed a PAX and Goods Management Strategy that works wonders.

What we believe

Safety, Security and Punctuality, furthermore we apply strict adherence and compliance to Service Level greements… therefore retaining many happy customers.